Construction materials for the finishing phase, deemed as a potential segment on high demand, will be paid rapt attention from DNP in the near future. This move originates from the fact that Vietnamese urbanization rate and construction market possess a high growth potential of over 10% per year in the next 10 – 20 years. The company adopts a restructuring strategy in its business base and model transformation policy, by which the company switches into the phase of rapid growth while strengthening its long-term development foundation in a sustained manner.

Owning Dong Nai Plastisc JSC – a brand name with more than 40 years of experience and CMC JSC – one of Vietnam’s top 5 leading companies in the ceramic tile industry, DNP is gradually achieving its ambition to become the number one supplier in terms of size and product diversification for civil constructions and infrastructure works. DNP also targets to accomplish a revenue of 5,000 billion VND in 2021, scaling up the revenue to 12,000 billion VND/year in 2025.