In the household goods industry, demand shift to a more premium product with better design and safer material has been recently highlighted. Tan Phu Viet Nam has continued to pioneer and lead the trend by the launch of its high-end household brand Inochi since 2018. Till now, Inochi possesses a product portfolio of more than 300 SKUs ranging from convenience goods to a variety of household appliances.

In Inochi, its central focus lies in product development as well as multi-channel distribution, with which the company has quickly achieved customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Inochi has always pursued a strategic move to make stable investments in product development, making itself one of the top 3 leading household brands in Viet Nam. In addition, Inochi is devoted to enhance its core competence via design and promotion of products, multi-channel distribution and widespread coverage. Indeed, Inochi has achieved its deep penetration in the distribution channels, both traditional and modern, and greater presence in all the cities across the country.

Core products