DNP is aiming to become the leading corporation in core areas including clean water and environment, premium household products and near-completion construction materials. DNP is striving for its ambition to create quality products and services, elevating the position of Vietnamese brands.



We remain strongly committed to address water and environment related issues, providing the necessities required for the society with the help of highly skilled labor forces accompanied with advanced technologies and comprehensive solutions.

Shareholders - Investors

“Sustainable gains in shareholders’ investment” with the ultimate corporate governance standards.

Never compromise DNP’s brand and quality values.

Conduct businesses and finances in line with the international standards (IFRS) and in a transparent and healthy manner.


Through our dedicated work and passion, we are shaping products that are superior in functionality, quality and efficiency.

DNP’s core values reveal its strength and commitment to pioneer, lead and challenge the limitations in water conservation, clean water production and safe distribution to the end users.


Shared vision and mutual benefits.

Joint hands in developing high-quality products for the community and society.


Social corporate responsibility is fully understood and enforced based on the code of conduct and basic ethics on the environment and the society.

Making significant contributions to water conservation and environment protection.


DNP is a second home to every employee.

Built from today and developed for the future, with an aim of bringing wealth and happiness to every employee.