DNP At a Glance

Founded in 1976, DNP (Dong Nai Plastic JSC) follows the investment company structure (Investment Holding). DNP, with its subsidiary companies, operates in core business areas including clean water & environment, construction materials, premium household products and packaging products.

DNP currently owns a group of leading entities in the market such as DNP Water, Dong Nai Plastics, DNP Hawaco, Tan Phu Viet Nam, CMC JSC. According to the financial report as of 30 September 2021, its total assets and owners’ equity reach 14.4 and 3.7 trillion VND respectively; charter capital of 1,091 billion VND and consolidated revenue of 3,402 billion VND/year are also stated.

DNP is striving for its ambition to lead the trends in its core business areas. The company  continuously aims at creating high-quality products and services, elevating the position of Vietnamese brands.


Dong Nai Plastics continues to pioneer and lead the manufacturing of plastic pipes for water supply, drainage and sewerage treatment in Viet Nam; being the producer and exporter of 10,000 tons of soft plastic bags per year to Europe. Its product portfolio is diverse, ranging from HDPE, uPVC pipes for construction projects of water supply and drainage as well as industrial irrigation; uPVC, PPR, HDPE pipes for civil constructions; and soft plastic bags (starseal, block, sandwich, T-shirt etc.) for European markets such as Germany, England, France, Holland, Belgium and so on.


Tan Phu Viet Nam is one of the long-lasting brands names in the field of plastics with its leading reputation from 1977. Its two core products currently in service are premium household products and industrial packaging.

Embraced with its story of 40 years in the field, Tan Phu Viet Nam is continuously reinforcing its leading position with the remarkable launch and development of the premium household brand Inochi. Tan Phu Viet Nam has also entered into partnerships with major customers such as P&G, Nestle, Lavie, Sabeco, Coca Cola, Vinamilk and plant protection companies for years.

Inochi-branded household product line including food containers, anti-bacterial trash receptacles and safe products for mothers and babies has been set to highlight Tan Phu Viet Nam’s core products. In addition, in terms of industrial packaging products, Tan Phu Viet Nam has always been leading the field in producing battery covers, plastic cans, bottles, plant protection products, pharmaceuticals…


DNP Water, a subsidiary of DNP, primarily focuses on ownership and operation (directly or indirectly) of local water companies in Viet Nam, with total design capacity of 1 million m3/day. DNP Water, owning 11 subsidiaries and being affiliated with 6 major companies in the industry, is currently executing two new projects namely Son Thanh Khanh Hoa and Quang Chau – Quang Binh water plants.

The company’s presence in 11 provinces and cities across the country helps to supply clean water to 600,000 household and enterprise customers, serving a total population of 10,000,000 people in the area.


Established in 1958 from the holy land of King Hung, CMC laid the primary foundation in the Vietnamese ceramic tiles industry. Growing and thriving for the past 60 years, CMC always stands out to be listed in the top 5 leading ceramic tiles producers in Viet Nam. More particularly, CMC receives recognition with Viet Nam’s Science and Technology Award and is sponsored by the Government for its soluble salt tiles constructions with the total value of up to 36 billion VND.

Currently, CMC’s two plants reach their capacity of 26 million m2/year, leading the trends in terms of quality and product diversification. In fact, its collection of two thousand designs cater the tile demands to the fullest. CMC continues its strengths in design process, quality control as well as technological innovation with the hope of better, safer and more distinct tile products.